Biography of Works
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Biography of Works

 7ft Statue of St Judes St Judes Church
 Commission of Statuette Lord Mayor of London
 Exhibition of works Bergen Norway
 &ft statue of Madonna  Child St Jude's Church Birmingham
 Bust of James Galway Dunhill's London
 Bust of Freddie Trueman Dunhills London
 St Margaret and her Children HMS Rosythe Catholic Church
 8 Life-size Elephant Heads Hyatt Hotel Nigeria
 8ft Unicorn Letaqc Woodcrafts, Jersey C.I.
 Exhibition of works Kumamoto Japan
 Exhibition of Works Kansas City
 Life size statue of Charlie Chaplin Jersey Tourist Board
 Bust of Shakespeare Algarve Portugal
Resurrection of Christ Ouens Manor Church, Jersey C.I
 25ft Liberation Panel St Hellier Museum Jersey
 Stations of the cross St Jude's Church Birmingham
 4 Life size Dolphins Reid Marine, Orkney
 8ft Carving of Pegasus London
 Exhibition of Works Osaka, Japan
 Demonstration and exhibition of Works Glasgow Garden Festival
 Annunciation St Ouens Manor Chapel Jersey, C.I
 8 ft Unicorn Georgia U.S.A
 14 Stations of the Cross Kirkwall Catholic Church
 Life-size Crucifix Pluscadden Abbey, nr Elgin
 Demonstration and Exhibition of works Princes Square, Glasgow
 Life-size Baby Elephant Arran Aromatics, Arran.
 6 ft Mermaid Figurehead Reid Marine, Orkney
 Exhibit in Best of British artists in Wood Cheltenham Museum
 Life-size Crucifix St Ouens Manor Chapel, C.I
 Guest artist Art in Action, Oxford
 Bust of Sir Winston Churchill Tampa Florida
 Life-size seated Nude Upsala, Sweden
 Miser cords Pluscadden Abbey, Elgin
 Exhibition of works Oxford
 Two man Exhibition with James Gorman Glasgow
 Life-size Statue of King Harold Upsala Sweden
 Two life-size Nudes for Bar Glasgow
 Three heads East Kilride Art Centre
 The Metamorphosis of Daphne Ayr
 8 ft fabricated globe with Life- size Dolphin Sannox Arran
 First Harvest Kirkwall, Orkney
 25 miniature carvings of Scottish Birds Kirkwall, Orkney
 The Scream Polack Free State
 Carved Mirror for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
 Carved Mirror for President of Malawi
 Life - size Seal Gigha
Ships figurehead S V Glenlee, Glasgow
 Oh Bloody Hell life size statue Inverkip Marina
 Trophy for Young Musician of the Year
 Life- size statue of Equestrian figure Loch Tay
 Three Statues for West Kilbride Community Council West Kilbride
 Life size figure of Dagda (Harpist) Bt Ensemble, Glasgow
 Statue for West Kilbride

Many other smaller works in wood, bronze, ceramics and glass in collections

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