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Otter Table

Designed and carved by Marvin Elliott

Over the years I have made a number of Otter tables each having its own unique characteristic. the tables have been carved from a number of different woods all mounted on a unique piece of driftwood.

The glass is created by Richard LeClerc a master glass artist. the glass is engraved and etched to create the movement of the water through which the otter is swimming. see Richards Website to see more of his glass work.

The tables range from £2500 to £4500 depending size, choice of woods and glass design. By commission only.



Otter table with Trout carved from Laminated Birch Plywood 
Life size otter, Three Trout, Glass Engraved and etched approx 5ft Oval x !0mm in thickness

Otter table carved from Oak
Designed for a Holistic Studio with the Yin Yang design
Approx 50inch diameter, Glass engraved to show movement of water.

Otter table chasing trout carved from Elm Driftwood


Otter Table
Small  approx 40 inches in length